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How to fix damaged paintwork on your car

Scratches, scrapes, chips occur on your vehicle more frequently than you may think, whether it’s from a careless driver, a stone, or shopping trolley, if you don’t deal with it straight away, deep scratches and paint chips that expose your cars metal can lead to rust.

Here are some procedures to fix damaged paintwork on your car:

  1. First, you need to wash your car with a good shampoo and sponge or microfibre cloth. Next, make sure the car is completely dry before you start. With the car clean, you can now assess the scratch – the depth, length etc. If you have been lucky, the scratch will only expose the primer. You then need to prepare the area, use masking tape and newspaper to cover the area surrounding the scratch – this is to avoid spraying paint on a section that hasn’t been damaged. You will then need to use a cutting or rubbing compound on and around the scratch, using a circular motion remove a very thin layer of the surrounding paint – a couple of centimetres each side of the scratch should do. This will help later when you are blending in the new coats. If there is any excess compound or mess, clean it up so the area is clean for painting.
  2. Apply the colour coat. You will need to buy touch up paint that perfectly matches your car’s paintwork. Stores such as SuperCheap Auto can help with colour matching. Either spray the colour coat or use a fine paintbrush to build up thin layers of paint. The key is to build the paint to just below the level of the surrounding clear coat. Leave between 10 and 30 minutes between coats.
  3. Once you are happy with the paint, and it has dried apply the clear coat in thin layers and again allow between 10 and 30 minutes between coats.
  4. Probably wait till the next day to do this. You need to smooth the area so it’s flat and can’t be noticed next to the original paint. Either use a very fine grit wet and dry sandpaper or an abrasive rubbing/cutting compound depending on the size of the scratch. Work the compound in using a circular motion a couple of centimetres either side of the repair.
  5. Use a polish – not a polish compound to give your car that professional quality finish. Of course, if you really want your car to look good give it a wax and polish to really make it shine!

Alternatively, Car Care can help, we provide a Paint Correction service that might be perfect for your needs, plus, we come to you, at a time and place that is most convenient for you – at home or at your office. We can remove damaged paint and then seal and protect the remaining paintwork. Our service includes the following –

  • A high-pressure spray over the car
  • A full detergent wash of the exterior of your car – including the wheels
  • Clay bar/cloth treatment to remove damaged paint and any surface contaminants
  • High-pressure rinse
  • Masking of any trims if necessary
  • Buffing of the paint with a cutting compound to remove the remaining damaged paint and scratches
  • Removal of any residue from buffing with a microfibre cloth
  • Polish with a fine to medium cut polish
  • Removal of excess residue with a microfibre cloth
  • Remove protective masking tape
  • Seal and protect the newly exposed paint
  • Rejuvenate exterior rubber and vinyl trims
  • Clean the car windows inside and out
  • Blacken and gloss the tyres

A paint and cut service is often recommended when the paint on your car is in a bad state with lots of scratches – it’s the perfect reason for a cut. Once the damaged paint has been removed, a coat of wax is applied this gives the car some shine and some protection.

Fixing scratches before they get worse is important, while you can do this at home, it can be time consuming and fiddly, and if you’re not really sure what you are doing, or just don’t feel comfortable attempting to repair scratches at home, the team at Car Care are there to help. With years of experience and all the right equipment, a technician can get to you when and where you need him. Have the issue taken care of promptly and professionally – you don’t want anything happening to your pride and joy.